David Elizondo
Senior Director/International Business/Executive Advisor, Quanta Technology

Topic: Application of energy storage technologies in planning, and operations control of electric power systems
Álvaro Portillo
Independent Transformer Consultant

Topic: Fundamentals of Transformer Design
Mr. Elizondo has a broad range of experience in electric power transmission and distribution which includes more than 19 years of extensive experience in power system analysis, simulations, and application of new technologies for electric power systems. Areas of expertise: Long range transmission plans for large renewable generation integration an application studies for battery based energy storage in electric power systems, Application and visualization of synchrophasor technology for wide area monitoring in energy control centerss and Power System planning and operations. (IEEE Member 1984 – IEEE Senior Member 2001) He has an extensive experience in transformers, for almost 40 years. He works also as consultant of electric utilities in the elaboration of technical specifications and design review of power transformers. He is member of many CIGRE and IEC working groups. He is a professor at the Uruguayan Republic University since 1977, now responsible for post-graduation courses about transformers.

Marcos Rider
Assistant Professor, UNICAMP

Topic: Optimization techniques and the mathematical tools for decision-making in energy systems
Kalyan Sen
Chief Technology Officer, Sen Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Topic: Practical Power Flow Controller Brings Benefits of Power Electronics to the Grid
Researcher 1D of CNPq and IEEE Senior member. Participated as investigator in more than 10 R&D projects for Brazilian utilities and govern agencies. He has published 2 books chapters, over 110 full papers in scientific events, and over 60 journal papers in scientific journals. His interests include the development of methodologies for the operation, planning, and control of electrical power systems, and applications of artificial intelligence in power systems. CTO of Sen Engineering Solutions, Inc. that specializes in developing SMART power flow controllers based and cost-effective solution. He spent more than 30 years in academia and industry. He contributed in all aspects (conception, simulation, design, and commissioning) of FACTS projects at Westinghouse. He is the co-inventor of Sen Transformer. Kalyan is also an IEEE Senior Member and an IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer since 2002.

Luis (Nando) Ochoa
Professor, University of Melbourne

Topic: Increasing the PV Hosting Capacity of Distribution Networks: The role of Smart Inverters and Storage
Jairo Quirós
Associated Professor, University of Costa Rica

Topic: Modeling and simulation of electrical distribution systems
He is Professor of Smart Grids and Power Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia and part-time Professor of Smart Grids at The University of Manchester, UK. His expertise in network integration of low carbon technologies and his extensive portfolio of industrial and academic projects have led to 140+ publications, 50+ technical reports, and one patent filed by Psymetrix Ltd. Prof Ochoa is an IEEE Senior Member and IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer. He is Associated Professor at the University of Costa Rica, the Director of the Electric Power System group, and the coordinator of the Electric Power & Energy Research Laboratory at the School of Electrical Engineering at the same institution. He worked as postdoctoral research associate at The University of Manchester in the integration of electric vehicles to the distribution networks. His current research interests include network integration of distributed energy resources and future low-carbon distribution networks.

Anurag K. Srivastava
Associate Professor, Washington State University

Topic: Measuring and Enabling Grid Resiliency Against Weather or Cyber events
His research interest includes data-driven algorithms for power system operation and control including resiliency analysis. Dr. Srivastava is a senior member of the IEEE, an editor of the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, IEEE Transactions on Power System, IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution and Elsevier Sustainable Computing. He is an IEEE distinguished lecturer and delivered more than 50 keynote/plenary or tutorial in 20 countries, and authored more than 250 technical publications.

Hans J. Candia
Vice President of Energy, Quanta Services Latin America

Topic: High Voltage Energized Work Benefits, Practices and the Used of Robotic Tools
Fred Hogman
Vice President, Quanta Energized Services

Topic: High Voltage Energized Work Benefits, Practices and the Used of Robotic Tools
He has a Master in Science in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, specializing in Power Systems. He is registered as a Licensed Engineer, PE, in the United States.
He has led and managed engineering groups and commissioning for transmission projects in North America and International. He has specialized in the execution of large EPC Substation and Transmission projects in the United States and in Latin America. He has held technical and management positions in leading international companies in transmission technologies.
He has taught Master Level courses in the areas of Power System and Protection & Control courses. He has participated and contributed in various technical groups in the IEEE and CIGRE organizations.
Fred is the Vice President of Quanta Energized Services, in this position he oversees the day to day operations as well as energized training for Quanta Services’ electric business units. He has 42 years of experience in the powerline industry with more than half of that time specializing in energized live line maintenance. As a foremost expert in the field of energized construction he has had the opportunity to develop and manage innovative live line projects across North America and throughout the globe. Fred was born in Saskatchewan and served his apprenticeship with a municipal utility. Since that time, he has work for multiple utilities and contractors in Western Canada. He has been with Quanta Services since 2004 and currently resides in British Columbia when he is not travelling to support QES projects and business development.