Electrical markets and regulatory challenges for the system operators in Latin America

Recently, Latin American electricity markets have experienced a series of events that have resulted in a sub-optimal operation of their electric power systems, and therefore a rise in energy prices to the consumer. Regulators are often interested in reviewing and updating as needed, the role, structure, and responsibilities of the power system operator in order to identify areas of opportunity and recommend actions towards the best practices of the industry within the framework of a truly independent power system operator. The main objective is always maintaining reliability under an optimal economic dispatch, which results in the lowest possible costs and prices to the end consumers.

This panel will present a review on international best practices from a regulator perspective with respect to how power system operators deal with different situations that impact the economic operation of the system and therefore the wholesale energy prices, for example:

Iván Saavedra Dote
Ex-Chief of the Electrical Department, National Energy Commission (CNE Chile)

Bernardo Bezerra
Technical Director, PSR Inc.

Electrical Engineer by the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria of Valparaiso. In his position, he has assumed leadership of teams that have developed proposals for regulation and normative changes, and has been responsible for heading the tariff processes of all regulated sectors of the electricity market, including generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. He had the responsibility of coordinating the technical-economic proposals of the recent legal modifications for the regulation of the transmission systems in Chile. Nowadays, he collaborates actively in the implementation of those modifications with the development of regulations and norms and with the realization of the expansion and pricing processes of transmission systems.
He has been leading and conducting projects on integrated electricity and gas planning studies; energy auctions (design, analysis and bidding strategies); risk management; regulatory assessment and support for investors; and economic valuation of generation projects. He is a member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society, where he is the co-chair of the Latin America Working Group and teaches classes on the energy sector for master’s in business administration courses. Some of his recent international activities include power planning and price forecast for Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Chile and Colombia; the interconnection study of 15 Latin American countries; and the analysis of the future of the transmission sector considering the key world trends for the power sector.

Jaime Mendoza Gacon
Manager of Energy Regulation, Osinergmin

María N. Arboleda
General Manager, XM

He has more than 30 years of experience in operational areas and regulation of the energy sector and he is speaker at public hearings on issues related to electricity markets, regulation of electricity rates in Peru and energy regulatory framework. He is a member of the committee for supervising tenders for long-term electricity supply with conventional energy and chairman of the committee for the auction processes with renewable energy. She is the general manager of XM, operator of the Interconnected System and administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market of Colombia. She has experience in planning and operation of power electrical systems, energy planning and wholesale energy market transactions. She also has been Manager of the National Dispatch Center, Director of Market Transactions, Director of Commercial Transactions and Director of Operation Planning at ISA.

Jaime Cristóbal Cepeda Campaña
Technical Development Manager, CENACE

César Butrón Fernández
Board President, COES
He got his Electrical Engineer degree at National Polytechnic School, Quito, Ecuador in 2005 and the Ph.D. degree at Institute of Electrical Energy, National University of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina in 2013. His research experience includes an internship at Institute of Electrical Power Systems, University Duisburg- Essen, Duisburg, Germany between 2011 and 2012. Nowadays, he works in Ecuador at the Electricity National Operator CENACE as the Technical Development Manager (in charge of leading the Research and Development Department), and collaborates as a University Professor of bachelor, master and Ph.D. programs. Since 2010, he is an active IEEE and Power & Energy Society (PES) member. He is at present an IEEE volunteer, serving as the Ecuador PES Chapter Chair. His special fields of interest comprise power system stability analysis, security assessment, vulnerability assessment, synchrophasor measurement technology, wide area monitoring systems, and application of computational intelligence techniques (such as data mining, neural networks, fuzzy arithmetic, heuristic optimization, among others) into analysis of power systems. Mechanical-Electrical engineer by the National University of Engineering. In addition, he has completed a master's degree in Public Services Regulation at the PUCP. Previously, he held the position of Board President at Electroperú, as well as other management positions related to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. He has a work experience of more than 31 years.

Success stories about technology deployments that improved power system performance:
A Service Providers Perspective.

Currently, Latin American electric power systems experience a particular load growth what results in grid congestion and difficulties to build new transmission infrastructure to attend customers in a reliable way. This brings unique opportunities for technologies that provide security and reliability for power systems.

This panel is an opportunity for electric power sector service providers to share their success stories with the industry, under a practical perspective of post mortem learned lessons. The success stories will include the following technical themes:

Dave Evans
President, Consolidated Power Projects Australia Pty Ltd

Domenico Mazzillo Ricaurte
Regional Business Manager, Siemens Digital Grid

Dave has been with CPP since 2004 in a range of roles and was appointed to the position of President in 2017. Dave is responsible for planning and guiding the ongoing success of the Company. Dave has more than 25 years in the electrical industry with a focus on power systems. Regional Business Manager, Siemens Digital Grid South America without Brazil with approximately 15 Years of Experience in Digital grid business management, working with Electrical Utilities and Industrial customer supporting digitalization strategies. Extensive background in project management, sales management, business development, risk management, offers review, product demonstration, customer presentations and order negotiations.

Herwig A. Ragossnig
NEC Energy Solutions

Juan Tirado Hurtado
Executive Account Manager Peru & Bolivia, ABB Enterprise Software

Mr. Ragossnig, graduee from the Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh UK), is a Renewable Energy Engineer with 15 years of work experience in several international companies in the Renewable field. For many years he was active in Latin America in the business development in the solar and bioenergy sector for European companies interested in the emerging renewable markets in Latin America. Since 2015 he is head of business development in Latin America for NEC Energy Solutions, one of the leading companies for large scale grid connected storage solutions with lithium batteries. In this position he managed to develop this new market segment for NEC in the complete region and he developed an important pipeline of energy storage projects with several projects at the moment under construction in Chile, Colombia and Brazil. His speciality in the energy storage field is grid stabilization with batteries in electricity systems with large scale integration of renewable energies. Electronic Engineer (UPAO, 2007), Diploma in Project Management (USIL, 2014), specialist in Enterprise Asset Management Systems and Automation & Instrumentation with more than 10 years of experience executing projects and services in the asset intensive industry in South America. Since 2015, responsible for the ABB Enterprise Software portfolio for Peru and Bolivia leading innovation projects to drive the digital transformation in the industry. Since 2015, he holds the position of Executive Account Manager Peru & Bolivia - ABB Enterprise Software. From 2011 to 2015, he was a Senior Specialist on Asset Management System at Emerson's Southern Cone Region. Before that, he was a Senior Engineer on Automation & Asset Management System Specialist at VAMSAC.

Eric Hsia
Manager of Operation Analysis and Compliance, PJM Interconnection

Hans J. Candia
Vice President of Energy, Quanta Services Latin America
Mr. Hsia is responsible for Operations Support activities for PJM’s efficient and reliable operation and coordination of the bulk power system including the development and implementation of PJM markets and operations enhancements, generation performance analysis, dispatch support, ancillary service market operations, and reliability compliance. He has a Master in Science in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, specializing in Power Systems. He is registered as a Licensed Engineer, PE, in the United States.
Presently he is Vice President for the Energy Sector for Quanta Services Latin America. He has led and managed engineering groups and commissioning for transmission projects in North America and International. He has specialized in the execution of large EPC Substation and Transmission projects in the United States and in Latin America. He has held technical and management positions in leading international companies in transmission technologies.
He has taught Master Level courses in the areas of Power System and Protection & Control courses. He has participated and contributed in various technical groups in the IEEE and CIGRE organizations.

The role of energy storage as an enabler for renewable energy integration in Latin America

Renewable energy auctions have become useful mechanisms for the purchase of new significant energy capacity in Latin American such as Mexico and Chile. Mexico is planning to add 2.0 GWh of new renewable energy capacity and Chile is planning to add 2.2 GWh to ensure long-term power supply. Renewable energy is bringing down wholesale generation prices. Colombia, Peru and Ecuador and also in position to incorporate renewable energy on its plans based on their own natural resources.

Also, the increased penetration of renewable energy, particularly solar and wind, require more flexibility of the electric power system to deal with their variability. Energy storage has been identified as a key technology that is needed to compensate the inherent fluctuations of energy production. While globally, energy storage has been amply demonstrated, the full potential in Latin America is still to come. This panel shares the perspectives of power system operators, transmission or distribution companies regarding the impact of renewable sources into the grid and the degree in which energy storage could be a solution for key applications such as frequency support, peak shaving, transmission congestion relief, and others.

Carlos Mario Caro
General Manager, REP/CTM/ISA Peru

Ramón A. León
Program Manager, ISA

Electrical Engineer from the National University of Colombia and Master in Integral Logistics from the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid, with more than 20 years of experience in ISA and its companies. Carlos Mario Caro is General Manager of REP, CTM and ISA Peru since February 2012. In Peru, he has been President of the Colombian Business Council (CEC) and the Electricity Sector of the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE). He is currently member of the Consultative Committee of the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) and Vice President of the Regional Energy Integration Commission (CIER - PECIER). Ramon Leon is currently the Program Manager of the Intelligent Energy Management initiative at Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. (ISA), responsible for developing new business models and ventures regarding the application of the latest concepts on distributed energy resources and grid scale storage, integrating them in the corporation’s business portfolio over its footprint in Latin America. He has 18 years of experience in strategic planning of energy systems, the management of research and development projects, and the structuring of corporate entrepreneurship projects based on innovation.

Carlos E. Finat Díaz
Executive Director, ACERA

Ursula de la Mata
Head of Thermal Business Development, Enel Perú

He has an extensive professional career, developed in the energy, mining, information technology, defense and automation industries. He has a solid experience in regulation of the electricity sector, regulatory and operational framework of the CDEC, tenders for energy supply, negotiation of energy supply and LNG contracts and management of GHG and energy emissions, among others. He is also a member of the Permanent Presidential Advisory Commission on Climate Change of the Government of Chile, adviser to the Development Committee of the Solar Energy Industry of CORFO and is a member of the External Advisory Committee (CAE) of the Electrical Engineering Department in the University of Chile. Ursula De la Mata has over 15 years of work experience, most of them performed in the energy sector in the area of business development. She is part of the ENEL group since 2011, where she is responsible of Thermal Business Development (Peru), previously she was Country Representative and Head of Businesss Development in Enel Green Power Peru where she had the responsibility of start-up, business development, and economic evaluation of different projects, as well the networking with public institutions and authorities. She graduated in Business Administration and Marketing in Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Perú). She holds a IMBA from IEDE (Spain, China and Chile) and a Diploma in Mining and Environment Law from UPC Post-graduate Business School (Perú).

Christian Candela Bernal
CEO of the Energy Management Division, Siemens Peru

Francine Martins Pisni
Regulatory and Technical Advisory, ABEEólica
Electronic Engineer from Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería 'Julio Garavito'​ and Executive MBA from ESE Business School, with more than 15 years of experience in Siemens. CEO of the Energy Management Division in Siemens Peru since 2017. He is in charge of the planning, direction and control of all operational, financial and administrative tasks of the Division in order to achieve planned results, ensuring high levels of productivity and following the strategies and operational policies defined by the Regional and Local Management. Extensive background in sales management as well as Medium and Low Voltage Manager. Electrical Engineer by the FEI University Center, Francine progressed her academic story doing a Master in Business Economics at the School of Economics of São Paulo – FGV. In the electrical sector, she’s specialist in regulation and commercialization of wind energy. She is Regulatory and Technical Advisory at the Brazilian Wind Energy Association - ABEEólica.
Responsible for studies of wind energy markets (energy auctions and free market), and opinions on the legislation of the sector in general. Francine is also the coordinator of various technical workgroups of ABEEólica, especially those of regulation, transmission and hybrid plants.